The monogyny for ducks is just seasonal!

Yes, yes, I know. You humans have seen me everywhere- ponds, lakes, rivers and even at the water tank behind your home! We mallards love the waterways you make! We eat everything like you. Usually, around 70% of the food we eat are plants and the other 30% animals. But during the time we hens are laying, we become a total meat lover (70% of the diet)! You have to understand that we put more than half of our body weight to the eggs. My personal favourites are snails and shrimps. Most of the ducks are monogynous. But in the animal world, the commitment is usually seasonal depending on how often we mate. Therefore, we are loyal to each other only during the whole mating season and it is possible that we will change partners the next year. What’s more, the male ducks would “cheat” on us! While we are laying eggs, the male would still protect us, but the raising of the ducklings are our female’s duty. Therefore, before the beginning of another nesting season, they would join other male mallards to unleash their still prominent sexual desire. Sometimes, they would even take turns to copulate with the isolated female duck. It doesn’t have to be our species. I have even seen a case that a male mallard was fleeing from being raped by another male! I know that our friend Mandarin ducks are highly worshipped in China and Korea and their images are very popular used in the wedding there! I hope that your heart won’t be broken when they know our little fact… ” – a female mallard (the one on the left), average lifespan 3 years

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