Pansexual snow monkey-everything for fun<3

“I am 2 years old this year, a mid-age snow monkey. I was brought up by an aunt in my group, although most of us grew up with mothers. I have sex with the male leader, and I also do it with one of my best female friends. What? You call me a lesbian? I don’t really think so. We are just very casual about sex. When our faces turn red, it means that it is time for fun! XOXO! In addition, hot spring is my favourite! We do not understand why human beings like to divide everything according to gender. For instance, they soak in a hot spring separately. What’s more, they sometimes shave their hair! Isn’t it just too cold for these hairless apes? They are hard to comprehend. ” – A female Japanese macaque, lifespan 6 years.

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