The dream of a migrant worker in a gap

“As a woman I am confident and I know I must be strong, but as a woman I am also scared because I have bad luck…because men can do anything they want..then we are just like toys. Single women like me do not travel often. Because when we come back, it is hard to get married…because they think that we did whatever abroad. And they just want a virgin. I am scared that neighbours will gossip about me and it will be also hard to find a job…maybe I will never get married…but I would like to have a family, we Bangladeshi women always want a family.”
– A. , 27, came to Hong Kong from Bangladesh to work as a domestic worker. After number of violations from her employer and after realising that her visa depend on the same employer, she opted for illegal work. A. later decided to formalize her status and became a recipient of a limited social support. She refuses to further receive money from the government and recently decided to come back to her home country. Her dream is to finish her Honors Degree in Business Management and start her own cosmetics saloon.

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