Cannibalistic pet hamster

I am a female hamster, born in the breeding centre. I stayed with my mom for milk until 20 days old, after which I was taken to the pet shop with my siblings. We fight all the time since we are solitary animals. We dislike any animal in our own territory, especially the ones of our own kind. My sister bit my brother to death and his body was immediately thrown to the dustbin by a shop assistant in the pet shop. One day, a huge hand grabbed me form the glass cage and put me into a tiny little paper bag. I was later brought to a place without any other hamster and I was thrilled! Soon after I moved, I turned two month old. The two rows of nipples popped out to remind me that I have reached sexual maturity. But there is nobody here to have sex with me. I am struggling. Although I want sex now, there is no way I can bare living with him! Male hamsters usually want more sex than I do and all I can do is to bite back. I don’t promise not to kill since we female are a bit stronger anyways.  Sometimes I dreamt of the huge hand carrying a male hamster here. After sex, the male hamster would be taken right away. This is the ideal scenario for me. Then, I might have 4 to 5 babes. They will run around and ask for milk infinitely for some time, but I will make sure that I try my best to feed them. If my babes were “contaminated” by other smell, including the one from the father, I would not recognize them anymore. Then, I might even eat my own kids. Well, hamsters are like this. If I really have kids, I would have shorter life, so I am still thinking about it. Anyways, I am enjoying living alone at this moment. — A female dwarf hamster, lifespan: 2 years, monologue written by the Huge Hand.

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