A yoga teacher from the Himalayas

“Being a woman is a beautiful experience. A woman is like a rose flower. A flower has soft petals but also strong and deep roots. Women can be soft and kind but in many situations women are also stronger than others. Sometimes fear of insecurity makes women forget about her strength. But as a woman you should never forget that you have this power…sometimes when life takes you down you discover itinside yourself. Remember, difficult time makes you strong, disciplined and grow you high. Love and joy makes you alive.”

Deepa herself refused an arranged marriage at the age of 17. She decided to study and has then dedicated much of her professional life to working with women in rural areas of India and reached in corporate world. At the age of 27 she resigned her job as a Human Resource Manager and decided to travel around her country for spiritual knowledge. She is currently a Yoga and meditation teacher in Rishikesh, India.


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